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I’m Steven Ashton and I help create individual growth, empowerment and autonomy through lifestyle education.

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    Holistic Nutrition Education

    Be Discriminating

    Don’t be a creature of circumstance, master your environment, know how and where to get your nutrition.

    Humans are omnivorous by nature, we can expand on that by learning to shop and seek out only those foods which nourish our bodies
    -Steven Ashton

    Favorite Recipes

    Since eating great food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, learning and using great recipes makes the eating experience all the more pleasurable

    • Baked sweet potato with crushed walnuts and ghee

    Rich and crunchy sweet potato topping

    Baked Sweet Potato with ghee and walnuts Simple topping to place on a baked potato 2 large sweet potatoes1/2 cup crushed walnuts4 T ghee (clarified butter) Slice sweet

    Sausage, Cabbage and Beets Hash

      Sausage, cabbage and beets hash This is another one of those hearty hash, one pot dishes that can be made a variety of ways, depending on what

    Smoked Sweet Potato Chili

    This recipe has evolved into one of my favorite chili recipes. Since moving to North Carolina and having an abundance of sweet potatoes, I found myself subbing sweet

    Santa Claus Gazpacho

    Ever heard of a Santa Claus watermelon? I had not until a couple of weeks ago when I found out the grocery I went to was out of

    Collard Greens with Wild Rice

    One of my favorite greens and they grow so well in Central Florida. High in micronutrients, especially magnesium, good ole collard greens are a staple in the South.


    “Steven helped me to understand how eating a more natural and unrefined diet can lead to weight loss and hormonal stability”
    “Steven was able to help guide me into a nutritional program that naturally worked for my body”
    “Steven’s concept of eating natural foods really makes sense and has made me much more discriminating with what I eat and how I eat.”
    “Working with Steven helped me to become more aware of not just the foods I am eating, but my environment and how toxins are found in so many of our products and how they affect our health and well being”
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