Roasted Mushroom Stock


I always have those packages of dried mushrooms that I pick up everytime I go to the Asian markets. They are mostly of the Shiitake variety. I will usually bring them to a boil and

Roasted Mushroom Stock2019-02-08T09:44:46-05:00

Bacon, Radicchio and Sweet Potato Hash


Radicchio is a very underrated vegetable and not commonly found in the local supermarket. I am able to find this at the Mazzaro's Italian market and I am sure it comes from California. I especially

Bacon, Radicchio and Sweet Potato Hash2019-02-08T09:44:47-05:00

Cole Slaw Salad


I always enjoy a good cole slaw. Cole slaw is one of my favorite go to side/vegetable dishes. I have made it many ways, but I always use cabbage as the base. Recently as I

Cole Slaw Salad2019-02-08T09:44:48-05:00

Feeding of the Kids


Let’s face it, it’s not easy getting children to eat healthy foods and snacks. Peer pressure and school food is hard to compete with. This short segment lists some quick tips and recipes that I

Feeding of the Kids2017-08-30T08:29:42-05:00

Crustless Quiche


I adapted this dish from one of my favorite books, "Practical Paleo" I have been making this one for many years since first learning it. Over time I have taken out the squash and replaced

Crustless Quiche2019-02-08T09:44:50-05:00

Shrimp Pie


Shrimp Pie This recipe is a variation of Jamie Oliver's easy fish pie featured on You Tube. Any good fish, shrimp or combination will work. 4 sweet potatoes sweet potatoes ( medium)12 ounces wild shrimp

Shrimp Pie2019-02-08T09:44:52-05:00

Baked Mustard Lime Chicken


Adapted from Baked Mustard Lime Chicken Although chicken breasts tend to be on the dry side, this cilantro/lime based marinade will provide the juiciness and tanginess that will make it a big hit. 1 pound

Baked Mustard Lime Chicken2019-02-08T09:44:51-05:00

Apple Crumble


Adapted from   Apple Crumble Not quite as sweet as apple pie but a very nice and crispy apple dessert. Can be used as a topping on some full fat, grass fed yogurt. Topping1

Apple Crumble2019-02-08T09:44:53-05:00

Homemade Ketchup (Nightshade-free)


This is of course Paleo friendly and the sweetener is optional. Nightshade-free means there are no tomatoes in this version. Even though there are no tomatoes and mine is always orange, it has a nice

Homemade Ketchup (Nightshade-free)2019-02-08T09:44:54-05:00

Ranch Dressing (Paleo version)


I used to just make plain mayonnaise and add some blue cheese and call it "Ranch dressing" Once my kids decided they didn't like blue cheese anymore, I had to make some adaptations. I found

Ranch Dressing (Paleo version)2019-02-08T09:44:54-05:00
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