Hacking Your Alcohol


On this day, I must honor my Irish roots and write about what I like to drink. I sometimes joke about my Irish roots which explains why I love alcohol. There is actually some truth

Hacking Your Alcohol2018-04-04T17:02:55-05:00

Pan Fried Smelt


It's late February and smelt are in season! My local grocery sells them through March and they are getting them out of Canada. They claim that these have not been frozen. I have been getting

Pan Fried Smelt2019-02-08T09:44:41-05:00

Ground Beef Sausage


There have been many times where I was craving some good pork sausage. I don't always have fresh wild or pastured pork on hand and pastured pork is not always easy to find in the

Ground Beef Sausage2019-02-08T09:44:43-05:00

Collard Greens with Wild Rice


One of my favorite greens and they grow so well in Central Florida. High in micronutrients, especially magnesium, good ole collard greens are a staple in the South. There are many ways of preparing greens

Collard Greens with Wild Rice2019-02-08T09:44:42-05:00
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