Turmeric Infused Root Vegetable Salad


Carrots, beets, radishes. This quick salad can be quick work using a hand julienne slicer or Zoodle maker. This salad is very earthy and crunchy. I prefer to lightly sauté the mixture to enhance the

Turmeric Infused Root Vegetable Salad2019-02-08T09:44:35-05:00

Emergency Eats


Don’t wait for an emergency situation to enjoy these foods. This stuff is good anytime. Foods that don’t require refrigeration to stock up on. These are some of my go to's. Don’t sweat the fridge

Emergency Eats2018-09-11T14:31:39-05:00

Eggs Poached in Steel Cut Oats


This was an accidental discovery that I made while cooking a batch of Scottish oats. I wanted to fry eggs but the pan I use was not ready. I thought why not cook everything in

Eggs Poached in Steel Cut Oats2019-02-08T09:44:36-05:00
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