Invisible Health Invaders


  Dangerous "junk frequencies" I have known about the hazards of radio waves since becoming a Special Forces communications operator in 1989. That same year I became a licensed amateur radio operator as I was

Invisible Health Invaders2021-02-22T06:22:01-05:00
  • The challenger-bean based queso chips

Beans vs Beef, Who Would Win?


I'm fascinated by food marketing and love to do comparisons. This is my own un-scientific standard by comparing certain foods to a pound of grass-fed beef. Grass-fed ground beef has become almost ubiquitous and it

Beans vs Beef, Who Would Win?2021-02-18T07:33:38-05:00
  • cold weather rucking

Train For Discomfort


"Without regard to weather" This was a familiar and well-used quote spoken by the cadre during my days in Special Forces selection training. At the conclusion of each mission statement and safety briefing, the instructor

Train For Discomfort2021-02-15T07:06:53-05:00
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