Knowledge brokerage business

Here we are in the information and knowledge age. The knowledge brokerage business has skyrocketed in the last decade. The ways and methods that people learn now is evolving into a gargantuan internet based smorgasbord of schools and classes. I studied and earned my diploma in holistic nutrition from a brick and mortar college that also (thankfully) has a distance learning program. This worked well for me  and I could work the classes and training into my schedule. Part of this shift, I believe has been the influence of a global economy. We can buy anything we want by using the internet. Why not get educated as well. You can tell by the large number of online training available for most any subject imaginable which leads me into the subject of this post.

You gotta buy stuff

Everyone needs to buy things to survive and you have to buy it from somewhere. Goods and services (like schools/classes) are available in the global economy. This makes it complicated and convenient at the same time. Who do we know to trust? Where are the best deals? I of course read plenty of reviews before purchasing goods, regardless of the cost.

We all read the reviews of purchased products on everyone’s favorite purchasing website. We have ready-made research sources at our fingertips in the form of customer reviews.

Reviews and experts

I also look to the experts as well. I was recently reminded of this when I asked someone to consider purchasing supplements through my website and I would give them a discount and they could trust the source. They responded with “I can get that at (fill in a popular and cheap retail store) for much less” Being in the nutrition business, I know which sources to trust and not trust. This is one source that I would never trust for supplements. You still get what you pay for in most things. Enter affiliate marketing-

Affiliate marketing has become more popular since the internet. Affiliates simply connect the customer with the product or service.

It makes the most sense to buy from trusted sources. I’m not saying that all affiliates are honest and the caveat “buyer beware” is to be always be considered.

Due diligence should be done prior to making purchases, especially those concerning health.

I have spent a large amount of time researching and using products and services. I only recommend those that I have used myself and have become a regular user. I am very health aware and although I do tend to experiment with my own body, I try to take calculated risks and do my own research by consulting those that I believe to be the experts.

Affiliates are a necessity to the knowledge broker

I believe that the affiliate system is a great service for the consumer as well as the affiliate partner. If you are going to buy something anyway, buy it from the affiliate link and let the affiliate get the credit for the sale. The affiliate system is simply a commission based system where the affiliate partners are recommending a product, then the consumer purchases based on that recommendation and provides an affiliate code.

In the end, it costs the consumer no more and many times they get the affiliate discount, and the affiliate gets a small commission. This is a win-win. Think of it as when your neighbor is a car salesperson and you are in the market for a car from his/her dealership. Would you want your neighbor to get the commission from the sale by consulting him or would you blindly make the purchase with just any salesperson?

All that being said, this page contains some of the nutrition and fitness products that I am an affiliate for and highly recommend. Yes, I do get a small commission when someone purchases but that is business and I am in the nutrition and fitness business. This is e-commerce at its best. Trust your purchase decisions to those that have done the due-diligence.

Being in the knowledge brokerage business also involves recommending products/services and connecting clients and followers with these products and services. This is a legit and sustainable income stream. It is the modern business model. I am also a consumer and regularly make purchases from affiliates that I know and trust.

My recommended nutrition, health and fitness products

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