best collagen supplement

Whole foods are the best way to get your protein, as I stated in a past article on protein supplements.

Modern humans in the USA seldom eat the organ meats and tendons that our ancestors did.

When humans ate “nose to tail”, amino acid deficiency was not a problem.

Many are perhaps lacking in the amino acid glycine and other essential and non-essential aminos.

Are you familiar with methionine and glycine?

Glycine is mostly found in the tendons, bone, skin and cartilage.

Methionine is prevalent in the muscle tissue that we enjoy as steak and other muscle meat foods, but this can cause a deficiency of glycine.

Glycine is one of three amino acids used by the body to make glutathione.

The body uses glycine and two others to make glutathione.

The body’s ability to make glutathione decreases as we age.

It is important to either eat or supplement with multiple protein sources.

Supplement your nutrition and know how to source your protein.

Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate is one of the best collagen supplements I have come across and have been using for some years.

best collagen supplementbest collagen supplement

Hydrolyzed collagen is made from bones, cartilage and skin.

This is the same thing as good old fashioned gelatin and contains all the amino acids and is easily absorbed by the digestive system.

Hydrolyzed collagen easily dissolves in cold or or hot water and can be added to smoothies or juice. One of the best collagen supplements and the one I use in my family is Great Lakes hydrolyzed collagen

This is a high quality grass fed collagen protein from pasture raised cattle and contains a high amount of glycine and all the other collagen peptides.

My wife adds this to her morning coffee.

As a long time consumer of this hydrolyzed collagen, I have found that it is more economical to get the four pack of grass fed collagen powder

This Great Lakes product is one of the best collagen supplements I have used.

This product has a four and a half star rating on Amazon with many positive reviews and testaments of improved joint health and  better skin.