2504, 2021
  • Memorized deck of cards

Two Mental Hacks For Improved Focus

Our bodies, thoughts, and memory are truly the only things that really belong to us. These things can never be taken away. Learn how to leverage your brain power to provide a sense of comfort

904, 2021
  • Weston Price Foundation 2021 shopping guide

Support Food, Farming and The Healing Arts

The Weston A. Price Foundation is one organization that has done wonders for the health of the nation. It's too bad that more folks don't know about the Weston A. Price Foundation. My introduction to

2903, 2021
  • Wood chopping workout

Train for the long game

Cold therapy while chopping wood in the winter. Combining technology with old school principles Being alive is not living…longevity with vitality instead of a sickly existence Unless one is healthy or taking steps

403, 2021
  • cow heart kabobs

My animal-based way of eating

Liver- yuck! I couldn't stand liver as a kid and my mother would fry me chicken on days that she made liver for the rest of the family. When I was contemplating switching to a

2202, 2021

Invisible Health Invaders

  Dangerous "junk frequencies" I have known about the hazards of radio waves since becoming a Special Forces communications operator in 1989. That same year I became a licensed amateur radio operator as I was

1802, 2021
  • The challenger-bean based queso chips

Beans vs Beef, Who Would Win?

I'm fascinated by food marketing and love to do comparisons. This is my own un-scientific standard by comparing certain foods to a pound of grass-fed beef. Grass-fed ground beef has become almost ubiquitous and it

1302, 2021
  • cold weather rucking

Train For Discomfort

"Without regard to weather" This was a familiar and well-used quote spoken by the cadre during my days in Special Forces selection training. At the conclusion of each mission statement and safety briefing, the instructor

1512, 2020
  • Steven Ashton Using a bench and Crossover Symmetry door strap to perform Nordic hamstring curls.

Fix Shoulders and Wake Up Your Lazy Posterior

The Crossover Symmetry band system is a self contained fitness package designed to improve and strengthen the movement of the complex shoulder girdle. There is a reason professional baseball teams are using this system. I have used it for years with such great results that I must share my success with readers and clients. I have figured out a way to use the door band with my fitness bench to gain inches on my thighs.

409, 2020
  • Three NY strip steaks aged and ready to sear.

Why Go Carnivore

The carnivore diet can be beneficial to many. Before dismissing as a fad diet, one should look further into the details and research of eating mostly animal based foods.

2505, 2020
  • charcuterie

Urban Carnivore Ideas

The makings of fish broth.  I’m not talking about pseudo meats or vegetarian substitutions. I'm referring to some tasty carnivore treats that some may not even know exist or have some fond memories

904, 2020
  • ebook explaining the benefits of molecular hydrogen

H2 As An Important Health Tool

The smallest molecule in the universe that almost nobody is talking about. The purpose of this post is to bring awareness of an obscure supplement that could possibly bring relief and assist in the remediation of many of our inflammatory conditions brought upon by our modern environment.

1902, 2020
  • Image of Affiliate marketing process courtesy of

Affiliate Marketing in Fitness and Nutrition

Knowledge brokerage business Here we are in the information and knowledge age. The knowledge brokerage business has skyrocketed in the last decade. The ways and methods that people learn now is evolving into a gargantuan

1902, 2020
  • Spam Classic

Why I feed my kids Spiced Ham, AKA SPAM

I didn't eat a lot of Spam growing up, maybe because it was a luxury. Bologna was cheaper so we only had Spam on special occasions. Short list of ingredients in a can of

3001, 2020
  • Alexapure, Best water filter for countertop

Biohack Your Water

  Becoming well informed and aware of one's own body, including those of our families is becoming easier. Thanks to rapidly advancing science, never in history has the ability to dive deep into the micro

2401, 2020
  • Best collagen suppplement

One of the Best Collagen Supplements

Whole foods are the best way to get your protein, as I stated in a past article on protein supplements. Modern humans in the USA seldom eat the organ meats and tendons that our ancestors

2301, 2020

Asian Market Nutrition Nuggets

Asian markets are popular in most towns. As a nutrition professional and a foodie, I always enjoy going to my local Asian market(s). They are full of interesting and healthy foods. They are also abundant

2210, 2019

Julienned Brussels Sprout and Pomegranate Seed Salad

  Julienned Brussels Sprout And Pomegranate Seed Salad Quick salad of shredded brussels sprout, apple and pomegranate seeds. 1 lb Brussels sprouts (julienned)1 large Fuji or honey crisp apple (julienned)1 cup pomegranate seeds1/2 cup Walnuts

3001, 2019
  • Brad Parsons book on bitters,

Bitter is Better

My friend recently had her gallbladder removed as emergency surgery. She was always joking around with me because she knows I am a nutritional therapist and she loves her McDonalds. When I heard about her

401, 2019

You bet I take CBD supplements

It is commonly known that apple seeds are poisonous. Containing a compound called amygdalin that when chewed mixed with human digestive juices releases the toxin cyanide into the bloodstream. While it may be ok to

2209, 2018

Turmeric Infused Root Vegetable Salad

Carrots, beets, radishes. This quick salad can be quick work using a hand julienne slicer or Zoodle maker. This salad is very earthy and crunchy. I prefer to lightly sauté the mixture to enhance the

1109, 2018

Emergency Eats

Don’t wait for an emergency situation to enjoy these foods. This stuff is good anytime. Foods that don’t require refrigeration to stock up on. These are some of my go to's. Don’t sweat the fridge

1109, 2018

Eggs Poached in Steel Cut Oats

This was an accidental discovery that I made while cooking a batch of Scottish oats. I wanted to fry eggs but the pan I use was not ready. I thought why not cook everything in

1703, 2018

Hacking Your Alcohol

On this day, I must honor my Irish roots and write about what I like to drink. I sometimes joke about my Irish roots which explains why I love alcohol. There is actually some truth

603, 2018

Pan Fried Smelt

It's late February and smelt are in season! My local grocery sells them through March and they are getting them out of Canada. They claim that these have not been frozen. I have been getting

503, 2018

Ground Beef Sausage

There have been many times where I was craving some good pork sausage. I don't always have fresh wild or pastured pork on hand and pastured pork is not always easy to find in the

1601, 2018

Root Vegetable And Mushroom Hash

This is the perfect Wintertime hash. Nicely browned hearty root vegetables with plenty of "good grease", topped with a dozen free range eggs. I recommend cooking just enough with the egg yolks runny so as

2512, 2017

Olive Salad with Anchovies

      Olive and Anchovy Salad This is a powerful dose of intense flavors and dense nutrition. The mixture of two types of olives and capers is enhanced by the roasted garlic. The combination

1611, 2017

Thanksgiving Nutrition

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate personal gratitude and sharing with and being with others. Of course food is a great big part of this celebration and this holiday is especially near and dear to

111, 2017

If I Were A Vegetarian

  Becoming vegetarian is not something that I would choose, but after working with vegetarians and realizing the issues that they face I decided to write this short essay on how I would implement a

2808, 2017

Roasted Mushroom Stock

I always have those packages of dried mushrooms that I pick up everytime I go to the Asian markets. They are mostly of the Shiitake variety. I will usually bring them to a boil and

2808, 2017

Bacon, Radicchio and Sweet Potato Hash

Radicchio is a very underrated vegetable and not commonly found in the local supermarket. I am able to find this at the Mazzaro's Italian market and I am sure it comes from California. I especially

1408, 2017

Feeding of the Kids

Let’s face it, it’s not easy getting children to eat healthy foods and snacks. Peer pressure and school food is hard to compete with. This short segment lists some quick tips and recipes that I

1408, 2017

Crustless Quiche

I adapted this dish from one of my favorite books, "Practical Paleo" I have been making this one for many years since first learning it. Over time I have taken out the squash and replaced

1408, 2017

Shrimp Pie

Shrimp Pie This recipe is a variation of Jamie Oliver's easy fish pie featured on You Tube. Any good fish, shrimp or combination will work. 4 sweet potatoes sweet potatoes ( medium)12 ounces wild shrimp

1408, 2017

Baked Mustard Lime Chicken

Adapted from Baked Mustard Lime Chicken Although chicken breasts tend to be on the dry side, this cilantro/lime based marinade will provide the juiciness and tanginess that will make it a big hit. 1 pound

1408, 2017

Homemade Ketchup (Nightshade-free)

This is of course Paleo friendly and the sweetener is optional. Nightshade-free means there are no tomatoes in this version. Even though there are no tomatoes and mine is always orange, it has a nice

1308, 2017

Ranch Dressing (Paleo version)

I used to just make plain mayonnaise and add some blue cheese and call it "Ranch dressing" Once my kids decided they didn't like blue cheese anymore, I had to make some adaptations. I found

806, 2017

Wild Pork Sausage with cabbage and Zucchini noodles

Wild Pork Sausage with cabbage and Zucchini noodles Basic vegetable stir fry recipe with the addition of wild pork sausage and ground coriander. The coriander really makes the other flavors stand out. 1 Tbsp coconut

306, 2017

Eating low on the food Chain

My  grandfather first introduced me to sardines when I was about 7 or 8. Some family members were not as appreciative as I was and complained that they smelled fishy. Isn't that what fish are

1704, 2017

Hack Your T The Holistic Way

Managing our hormones is so essential that mismanagement through nutrition and lifestyle will automatically cause inflammation and obesity. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and prostate cancer all have been directly linked to estrogenic

1302, 2017

Have Your Cake

I write this as a responsible nutrition professional and to show that I enjoy some delicacies that are not necessarily under my beloved Paleolithic nutrition way of eating. Although I’m not one to eat

2601, 2017

Why Goats never get sick

Ever seen a sick goat? Usually when they do get sick, it's so bad that that they die. Goats are known to eat almost anything. That is not true but they definitely have multiple stomachs.

2812, 2016

What’s The Big Deal About Bone Broth?

Safe and soothing, bone broth is truly a comfort food in every sense. Bone broth can be used in a multitude of recipes to give moisture and volume. It can be used as a base to

2812, 2016

Enhance your mood – Hack Your Rice?

I know, rice is not Paleo but it is still one of my favorite foods. In this 200 word nutrition tip I am going to teach you how to make your rice taste better and

1911, 2016

Holiday Nutrition Tips 2019/20

By Steven Ashton   Don’t be a wimp about food   Stop succumbing to the pressures of having to eat everything that’s available or “it’s Thanksgiving so I have to stuff myself” The big payoff

2608, 2016

Manage Asthma with Nutrition

Asthma is a serious chronic lung disease characterized by continual inflammation of the airways punctuated by episodes or attacks of increased inflammation (American Lung Association, 2010).  Asthma occurs in approximately 3% of the population of

1607, 2016

Fat Is Your Friend

Busting the Myths about Fat Yes, it’s true, fat is an essential macronutrient necessary to keep the human body running efficiently. Many still believe that low fat is a healthy option since it has been promoted

3006, 2016

The Psychology of Eating

Eating can be a very complex and personal matter. There are many reasons that people eat and not just for sustenance. There is a lot of psychology that goes into the process of eating that are

2406, 2016

Top Three Supplements

By Steven Ashton Vitamin and mineral (micronutrient) supplementation has been well researched for decades and it has been proven many times over that supplementation is beneficial to humans. Remember, the RDA amounts are just bare minimums

3103, 2016

Nutritional Approaches to Weight Management

Over the last 25 years or so, much has been learned about how the body becomes obese and the complexities of weight gain. It was once thought that calories were the only culprit in weight

1412, 2015

Don’t Take The Folic Acid!

You will still see Folic acid (B9) listed on the label of many well known brands of vitamin supplements. Those that are In the know in the nutrition community know that folic acid, the synthetic form of folate

2311, 2015

Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) In the last 50-100 years the food quality has drastically changed. What was once nutritious can now possibly be

2211, 2015

I was Addicted to Nicotine for 15 Years

I've never been a smoker but I was addicted to nicotine in the form of chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco and "snuff". Products like Skoal, Copenhagen, Kodiak, etc.  These products felt like my best friends for

711, 2015

Nutritional Approaches to Nicotine Detoxification

“Nobody ever died from giving up smoking” – Nutritional Approaches to Nicotine Detoxification Whenever I am driving or walking on the sidewalk around town, I am astonished at the sheer amount of smokers there are.

2605, 2015

The Four Levels of Eating

Eating For Health™ is a process, rather than a method. To differentiate E4H from other food systems, I developed the concept of the Four Levels of Eating. Each level has its place and reflects the

2504, 2015

Health Benefits of Whiskey

By Steven Ashton Is Whiskey Healthy? Nutritional profile: .04 g carbs 0 g fat 0 g protein More ellagic acid than wine (Comes from the oak species used in barrels for maturation) Also contains several

2703, 2015

Sauerkraut: Easy to make probiotic

This is made with red cabbage I can't stress enough about the importance of a healthy gut biome. Our environments have become so toxic that we need all the help we can get. Our gut

410, 2014

Metabolic Harmony and Disease Prevention (geeky)

This is a link to a detailed article by Bruce Ames posted in the Journal of Nutrition. It stresses the importance of micronutrients for overall metabolic harmony. It also goes into detail of the disastrous

310, 2014

GAP Diet Summary

The Gut and Psycology Syndrome (GAPS) diet is a very basic way of eating and is meant to heal the gut. This is a no risk program and can cure anything from diarrhea to food allergies

310, 2014

Magnesium: The missing link to better health

310, 2014

Eat 50-70% Fat?

1709, 2014

Busting the Fat Myth

This myth has been perpetuated while continuing to wreck havoc on those not in the know. This is a handout assignment I recently did to get the point across while being limited to a single

1709, 2014

Bacon lovers must read

Bacon Lover's Must Read By Steven Ashton Yes, I read this entire article and it provides much more details than the average reader may care to consume.  Being in the health industry, I feel it is my duty

1709, 2014

Weight loss by practicing good nutrition

Weight loss by practicing good nutrition By Steven Ashton I am convinced that people are not meant to be fat and obesity is more of a modern condition caused by consuming too much unhealthy foods while

1709, 2014

Sweat the small stuff

Why You Need to Sweat the Small Stuff (in a nutshell) By Steven Ashton I’m talking about micronutrients. Micronutrients are the small stuff, i.e. vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, polyphenols, bioflavanoids and antioxidants, just to name

1709, 2014

Fish oil explained in 250 words

Fish Oil explained in 250 Words By Steven Ashton I'm realizing the true benefits of taking fish oil supplementation.  Combining a high quality, highly concentrated lemon liquid form fish oil along with better mechanics and a tweak

1309, 2014

Curry Chicken and sweet potatoes

By Steven Ashton circa 2009 Serves 4 This recipe has evolved over the years and has become a primary comfort food in my household. I have always made this dish in my iron skillet. When

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