Easy Spinach Pesto


Easy Spinach Pesto When it comes to making pesto there are unlimited ways to make it just as there are unlimited uses for the finished product. At its most simple form, I think of it

Easy Spinach Pesto2019-02-08T09:45:07-05:00

Almond Grits


Almond Grits 2 cups filtered water2 cups blanched almond flour3 tbls Irish butter.5 tsp sea salt Bring water to a slow boil and add almond meal and salt. Continue to simmer until mixture starts to

Almond Grits2019-02-08T09:45:08-05:00

Roasted Curry Sweet Potatoes and Garlic


Roasted Curry Sweet Potatoes and Garlic A perfect natural carb made in a savory fashion. This is a good side to have with most any meat or bean dish. I have experimented with different spice

Roasted Curry Sweet Potatoes and Garlic2019-02-08T09:45:16-05:00

Double Chocolate Bone Broth Muffins


Double Chocolate Bone Broth Muffins These muffins pack a big dose of protein derived from the bone broth protein and plenty of omega 3 rich fat from the grass fed butter. Easy and quick to

Double Chocolate Bone Broth Muffins2019-02-08T09:45:24-05:00

Curry Chicken and Sweet Potatoes


Curry Chicken and Sweet Potatoes This recipe has evolved over the years and has become a primary comfort food in my household. I used to make this dish in my iron skillet. When I first

Curry Chicken and Sweet Potatoes2019-02-08T09:45:30-05:00

Chard/carrot/ginger/squash medley


Chard/carrot/ginger/squash medley An easy to make mixture of seasonal vegetables cooked with a healthy amount of fat. This side can complement a steak, roast chicken or fish. 8 leaves swiss chard6 med carrots (sliced)2 cups

Chard/carrot/ginger/squash medley2019-02-08T09:45:34-05:00

Egg and Greens Fritatta


Egg and Greens Fritatta Great for dinner or breakfast. A versatile dish. Use with most any kind of greens. 12 eggs extra large Eggs (raw)1 cup chopped Onions, raw1 cup chopped Collards, raw1 cup chopped

Egg and Greens Fritatta2019-02-08T09:45:41-05:00

Homemade Bone Broth


Homemade Bone Broth Bone broth or stock is one of the main foods to enable gut healing. It provides building blocks for the rapidly growing cells of the gut lining. These cells are the fastest

Homemade Bone Broth2019-02-08T09:45:45-05:00

Napa Cabbage Salad


Napa Cabbage Salad This is a simple salad with extreme textures. Refreshing, juicy, crunchy, tangy and smooth. One of the best uses for this cabbage. 1 head organic napa cabbage.5 cup Extra virgin olive oil.5

Napa Cabbage Salad2019-02-08T09:45:52-05:00

Salmon Muffins


Salmon Muffins This dish is a great use for leftover sweet potatoes or spaghetti squash. Convenient to make and fun for the kids to eat. 3 Tbsp Butter (grass fed and melted)1 can salmon (wild

Salmon Muffins2019-02-08T09:45:59-05:00
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