• Memorized deck of cards

Two Mental Hacks For Improved Focus


Our bodies, thoughts, and memory are truly the only things that really belong to us. These things can never be taken away. Learn how to leverage your brain power to provide a sense of comfort

Two Mental Hacks For Improved Focus2021-04-25T08:37:39-05:00
  • Weston Price Foundation 2021 shopping guide

Support Food, Farming and The Healing Arts


The Weston A. Price Foundation is one organization that has done wonders for the health of the nation. It's too bad that more folks don't know about the Weston A. Price Foundation. My introduction to

Support Food, Farming and The Healing Arts2021-04-09T11:58:37-05:00
  • Wood chopping workout

Train for the long game


Cold therapy while chopping wood in the winter. Combining technology with old school principles Being alive is not living…longevity with vitality instead of a sickly existence Unless one is healthy or taking steps

Train for the long game2021-03-29T05:55:06-05:00
  • cow heart kabobs

My animal-based way of eating


Liver- yuck! I couldn't stand liver as a kid and my mother would fry me chicken on days that she made liver for the rest of the family. When I was contemplating switching to a

My animal-based way of eating2021-03-04T16:12:39-05:00

Invisible Health Invaders


  Dangerous "junk frequencies" I have known about the hazards of radio waves since becoming a Special Forces communications operator in 1989. That same year I became a licensed amateur radio operator as I was

Invisible Health Invaders2021-02-22T06:22:01-05:00
  • The challenger-bean based queso chips

Beans vs Beef, Who Would Win?


I'm fascinated by food marketing and love to do comparisons. This is my own un-scientific standard by comparing certain foods to a pound of grass-fed beef. Grass-fed ground beef has become almost ubiquitous and it

Beans vs Beef, Who Would Win?2021-02-18T07:33:38-05:00
  • cold weather rucking

Train For Discomfort


"Without regard to weather" This was a familiar and well-used quote spoken by the cadre during my days in Special Forces selection training. At the conclusion of each mission statement and safety briefing, the instructor

Train For Discomfort2021-02-15T07:06:53-05:00
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgX6c_vTOO8
  • Steven Ashton Using a bench and Crossover Symmetry door strap to perform Nordic hamstring curls.

Fix Shoulders and Wake Up Your Lazy Posterior


The Crossover Symmetry band system is a self contained fitness package designed to improve and strengthen the movement of the complex shoulder girdle. There is a reason professional baseball teams are using this system. I have used it for years with such great results that I must share my success with readers and clients. I have figured out a way to use the door band with my fitness bench to gain inches on my thighs.

Fix Shoulders and Wake Up Your Lazy Posterior2021-03-05T06:18:58-05:00
  • Three NY strip steaks aged and ready to sear.

Why Go Carnivore


The carnivore diet can be beneficial to many. Before dismissing as a fad diet, one should look further into the details and research of eating mostly animal based foods.

Why Go Carnivore2020-09-04T13:09:14-05:00
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