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  • Steven Ashton Using a bench and Crossover Symmetry door strap to perform Nordic hamstring curls.

Fix Shoulders and Wake Up Your Lazy Posterior


The Crossover Symmetry band system is a self contained fitness package designed to improve and strengthen the movement of the complex shoulder girdle. There is a reason professional baseball teams are using this system. I have used it for years with such great results that I must share my success with readers and clients. I have figured out a way to use the door band with my fitness bench to gain inches on my thighs.

Fix Shoulders and Wake Up Your Lazy Posterior2020-12-17T06:10:07-05:00
  • Three NY strip steaks aged and ready to sear.

Why Go Carnivore


The carnivore diet can be beneficial to many. Before dismissing as a fad diet, one should look further into the details and research of eating mostly animal based foods.

Why Go Carnivore2020-09-04T13:09:14-05:00
  • ebook explaining the benefits of molecular hydrogen

H2 As An Important Health Tool


The smallest molecule in the universe that almost nobody is talking about. The purpose of this post is to bring awareness of an obscure supplement that could possibly bring relief and assist in the remediation of many of our inflammatory conditions brought upon by our modern environment.

H2 As An Important Health Tool2020-04-09T06:39:28-05:00
  • Image of Affiliate marketing process courtesy of https://seopressor.com/

Affiliate Marketing in Fitness and Nutrition


Knowledge brokerage business Here we are in the information and knowledge age. The knowledge brokerage business has skyrocketed in the last decade. The ways and methods that people learn now is evolving into a gargantuan

Affiliate Marketing in Fitness and Nutrition2020-02-19T12:26:41-05:00
  • Spam Classic

Why I feed my kids Spiced Ham, AKA SPAM


I didn't eat a lot of Spam growing up, maybe because it was a luxury. Bologna was cheaper so we only had Spam on special occasions. Short list of ingredients in a can of

Why I feed my kids Spiced Ham, AKA SPAM2020-02-19T15:10:52-05:00
  • Alexapure, Best water filter for countertop

Biohack Your Water


  Becoming well informed and aware of one's own body, including those of our families is becoming easier. Thanks to rapidly advancing science, never in history has the ability to dive deep into the micro

Biohack Your Water2020-02-11T14:55:16-05:00
  • Best collagen suppplement

One of the Best Collagen Supplements


Whole foods are the best way to get your protein, as I stated in a past article on protein supplements. Modern humans in the USA seldom eat the organ meats and tendons that our ancestors

One of the Best Collagen Supplements2020-01-24T13:40:30-05:00

Asian Market Nutrition Nuggets


Asian markets are popular in most towns. As a nutrition professional and a foodie, I always enjoy going to my local Asian market(s). They are full of interesting and healthy foods. They are also abundant

Asian Market Nutrition Nuggets2020-02-11T13:42:17-05:00

Julienned Brussels Sprout and Pomegranate Seed Salad


  Julienned Brussels Sprout And Pomegranate Seed Salad Quick salad of shredded brussels sprout, apple and pomegranate seeds. 1 lb Brussels sprouts (julienned)1 large Fuji or honey crisp apple (julienned)1 cup pomegranate seeds1/2 cup Walnuts

Julienned Brussels Sprout and Pomegranate Seed Salad2019-11-20T11:51:29-05:00
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