Don’t wait for an emergency situation to enjoy these foods. This stuff is good anytime.

Foods that don’t require refrigeration to stock up on. These are some of my go to’s. Don’t sweat the fridge not working for a few days when you have these staples on hand:

Sardines, Alaskan salmon and anchovies– Yes, the ultimate protein in a can. Many types to choose from: skinless/boneless, fillets, whole, in various sauces, smoked, in water or olive oil. Enough said.

What to do with all that good grass fed butter in the refrigerator? Make ghee? Easy


Step 1- stock up on grass fed butter.

Step 2- boil down the butter until it separates into two distinct parts.

Step 3- filter through a cheesecloth into a mason jar.

Step 4 – Eat the delicious protein sediment at the bottom.

Step 5- Place the jar of ghee in the pantry where it will keep for 2-4 weeks (or longer). Enjoy this healthy fat for cooking and sauces.

Or check out the finer details of making ghee here.

Sweet potatoes– good stable carb source. Very versatile.

Beets– good stable carb source.  Shred raw or roast and use in salads or sides.

Steel cut oats– See my Scottish version recipe in a FB post. Also a new recipe from me: eggs poached in steel cut oats.

Basmati rice from Pakistan– the cleanest and extremely fragrant.

Pastured eggs that have not been washed– Yeah, they have a natural protective coating on them. Leave em on the counter with no worries for up to a month. Even eggs after they have been boiled and kept cool will be ok for a few days.

Garlic and onions– Good for cooking in the ghee mentioned earlier.

Red wine– Most red wines are best in the low to mid 60’s temps and can be enjoyed without refrigeration. Try and make it organic and 12.5% alc or lower.

Nut butters– Unsweetened are best. Stable shelf life.


One can subsist very well for days on some of this stuff. Try it. You may discover a new go-to food.  Stay safe!