I’m realizing the true benefits of taking fish oil supplementation.  Combining a high quality, highly concentrated lemon liquid form fish oil along with better mechanics and a tweak to my nutrition, I have noticed a substantial decrease in my recovery time.

It is well documented science that taking Omega-3 fish oil improves overall health by decreasing inflammation and improving cellular function.  Since the American diet is very lopsided by being heavy in omega 6 and scant omega 3’s it is critical to bring this fatty acid profile into balance.

What you need to know: Fish oil is the best source of omega 3, omega 3’s consist of DHA and EPA.

The omega 3’s are essential fatty acids which are severely lacking in the typical diet.

Just because a product has 1 gram of fish oil does not necessarily mean that it contains 1 gram of omega 3’s. Lower quality fish oil supplements contain more fish oil than omega 3’s  which means you have to take a much larger dosage to get the minimum omega 3’s.

Look for the average EPA+DPA or total EPA+DPA. The higher the better.

The most concentrated forms are the best.

How Much? Optimal Daily Fish Oil Dosagebetween 3.5-5 grams of combined EPA and DHA per day. SFH recommends a minimum of 3.5 mg per day! This is only one teaspoon!

Where To Get it? The most concentrated fish oil supplement that I know of is Stronger Faster Healthier’s Super OMega 3 Contains a whopping 3686 mg of EPA/DHA per tablespoon! CrossFit9 and Anytime Fitness downtown St Pete are the local sources.