Functional Blood Chemistry

Blood markers don’t lie!  They tell us so much about our health, including historical as well as snap shot data.

These relevant data can be a subtle warning, alerting us to the lurking and potential future problems lying in wait.

I offer a consulting session to go over bloodwork test results. Whether you go through your preferred blood lab service or use my discounted service to order your blood panel.

We get together and discuss the results and figure out the best lifestyle and food adjustments to be made.

I prefer Life Extension blood panel services. Along with their excellent blood testing services, they also provide a free of charge, 30 minute consultation with their own lab specialists.

In addition to this, my consultation services include a detailed blood analysis focusing more on nutrition and foods that can make a difference. I am a long time follower and student of Dr Ronda Nelson. I have attended her functional blood chemistry seminars and consulted with many of my clients on their blood test results.

If you have been contemplating a blood test for health reasons or just to learn how things are looking internally, Give Life Extension lab services a try.

Life Extension always has some type of ongoing sale on various blood panels and it couldn’t be more convenient. Once you have ordered your panel(s), you simply locate a convenient Labcorp office and schedule an appointment for a convenient time.

Once you complete the blood draw, it is usually a matter of 2 to 3 days to get your results emailed to you.

The final step is to contact Life Extension and ask to speak to a lab specialist for an eval of your results.