I am now seeing an increased use of vitamin c as a treatment protocol. I think it is great that common sense is finally being used as part of the solution. The fact that high dose vitamin c treatment has been obscured is a good example of  good science being replaced by greed over many years. There is little money to be made selling vitamin c.  Only time will tell if people remember how well vitamin c worked, or if this whole ordeal becomes forgotten and tucked away in obscure research  journals. Some ordinary and curious person(s) doing research in 2120 will see how vitamin c was used in successful treatments of many diseases and raise a red flag to say “why aren’t we doing it now?” This could also happen with molecular hydrogen and I hope not because it is such a wonderful and fascinating discovery.

Have you heard of molecular hydrogen? Most haven’t yet but that may change. Molecular hydrogen or H2 for brevity is the oldest and smallest molecule.

H2, although ancient, is actually a modern discovery in terms of being used as a common, and economical supplement.

H2 may be an effective remediation tool to use against the modern and increasing effects of EMF exposure. Specifically, the rollout of 5g and the impending saturation of the planet with microwaves.

I predict that within 5 years, hydrogen based waters of varying flavors will be the norm in all gyms and fitness centers and perhaps much broader.

Once you have properly filtered your drinking water, it is time to add the super molecule known as hydrogen. Hydrogen is the lightest and oldest molecule, but until recently there was not a reliable way to generate a therapeutic dose of hydrogen without expensive equipment.

Molecular hydrogen tablets are one of the newest technologies to enter the health and supplement business. This is the true spirit of biohacking your water with a legitimate science based and natural approach without a bunch of marketing fluff and jargon.

Recent technology (last 10 years) has allowed this ancient molecule to be harnessed and put into a pill that diffuses a therapeutic dose of H2. It is sustainable, safe and economical.

We now have a better understanding of H2 which has enabled better and more economical ways to get the elusive molecule into our bodies using therapeutic doses.

My daily ritual the first thing after I get up and before I even have that first cup of coffee is to add 1 hydrogen tablet to 16 ounces of filtered water, wait two minutes and then drink the entire thing.

Hydrogen gas has long been used in the treatment of decompression sickness in deep sea diving. Only in the last 10 years has so much research gone into the many possible potential therapeutic uses for H2.

Humans need a certain amount of natural oxidation in addition to anti-oxidation. Molecular hydrogen acts as a modulator of the oxidant and anti oxidant activity going on inside the cells. It actually better enables or optimizes these processes. Because hydrogen molecules are so small, they can go anywhere. Hydrogen gas is selective and doesn’t neutralize the healthy free radicals. H2 modulates and regulates the body’s natural immune system.

Magnesium tablet producing molecular hydrogen in a glass of water.

Molecular hydrogen technology can rapidly produce up to 8 ppm of molecular hydrogen in 16 ounces of water, leaving behind 80 mg of elemental magnesium.

The benefits are too vast to list here but you can refer to my ebook, Tiny But Mighty- The layperson’s guide to molecular hydrogenand learn the details in a simple explanation of how this technology works.

Molecular hydrogen is much more than a supplement. It is the molecule of all life. More benefits are rapidly being realized through honest science.

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