I write this as a responsible nutrition professional and to show that I enjoy some delicacies that are not necessarily under my beloved Paleolithic nutrition way of eating.
Although I’m not one to eat or promote sweet foods and I am mostly anti-sugar. Not to say that I don’t like the taste, I just don’t crave it and I don’t recommend putting it into your body on a regular basis. However, there are times when we find it necessary to indulge, and Valentines Day is one of those opportunities to have some chocolate. Chocolate by itself is a remarkable food loaded with phyto nutrients (healthy plant based compounds) and provides some emotional pleasure for sure.

Enter Gateau Chocolate: When I occasionally indulge in chocolate, (the kind not in my protein powder) I always go for one of these flourless chocolate cakes. One of these small, dense cakes is loaded with Ecuadorian, dark and intense chocolate, and the crunchy toasted almonds on top provide the perfect marriage of creamy and crunchy. I especially like the fact that it is gluten free and contains plenty of butter. There are only five ingredients counting the toasted almonds.

So, I’m just saying, if you’re gonna indulge, do it right, do it healthy and get the best available and support your local chef.  Chef Emmanuel Roux has been making this product for many years and has it down to an art.

Go to his website flourfreecakes.com and order one. They also deliver in the local St Pete area.

Nutrition Breakdown (in case you wanted to know)
Serving size- 2.5 ounce piece
270 calories
Total fat- 17 g
Protein- 5 g
Carbohydrates- 28 g
Sugar- 17 g
fiber – 3 g
Sodium- 25 mg

History of the flourless torte