Dangerous “junk frequencies”

I have known about the hazards of radio waves since becoming a Special Forces communications operator in 1989. That same year I became a licensed amateur radio operator as I was entrenched in radio wave propagation, antenna construction, and several technical endeavors in the ham radio community to strengthen my craft. Back then, the microwave frequencies were thought of as junk frequencies used only for microwave ovens and direct line of sight communications for experimenters. We knew that we did not want to be exposed to those frequencies for obvious safety reasons.

Pollution everywhere

When I was in grade school we were taught not to litter and the term “litterbug” was widely known. I remember watching films and being lectured on why not to throw our trash on the ground. Just driving around, it’s obvious that many did not learn and you can see garbage and household trash on any American roadside. I am constantly preaching the don’t litter mantra to my kids, but I digress.

We now have a new kind of pollution and it is more insidious because it is invisible. What we don’t see can hurt us.

There is no doubt that we are electrical beings. Look at electrical tests like EKG, polygraph and the like. Now that wifi has saturated our environment, there is no escaping it and it’s only becoming worse.

Although there is plenty of well-documented scientific proof, it only makes common sense that electricity would have some effect, good or bad on our humans.

I have realized from my own experience and personal research that we have gone too far with some technologies. We are saturating our own environments with harmful radiation and most are not aware of it.

Do your own research

Being involved in the ham radio community led me down a rabbit hole of electromagnetic pollution and seeing what others were witnessing in their research. This research journey confirmed and strengthened what I already knew.  Our technology has gotten out of hand and now it is doing things unimaginable to our health.

Electrical pollution will become more intense and widespread as more satellites are launched and activated, as well as the spreading of 5g technology and the internet of things (IOT).

Small steps to take

 I have become serious enough with this that I have wired my home office and only turn on wifi when necessary.

My notebook computer is plugged into the network via an ethernet cable.

The external mouse and keyboard are USB wired.

There are other advantages to this besides the reduction of EMF, such as faster access speed, and greater security. The only downside is the number of cords now on my desktop. I have done the same with my kid’s computers and they sure did protest.

Turn off all wifi and put phones in airplane mode before going to bed.

Turn off computer monitors and routers at night.

Limit TV and computer time prior to bedtime.

If you must have screen time, wear UV filter glasses or simply use an app or change the display settings.

In the settings area on a Mac or Iphone, select “night shift” I use automatic, sun up to sundown.

Get the app f.lux, which is much more sophisticated than the built-in Nightshift.

Become unpopular in your family by insisting on unplugging the WIFI at bedtime.

Going back to wired connectivity is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reducing electronic pollution in our homes. The books and resources listed below are a great way to learn more and get started on cleaning up your home. It is definitely worth the effort.

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Do we really want to risk our bodies and our children’s bodies by constant exposure to radiation just for the sake of convenience?

Ways to protect children

Easy to read as the science is explained in detail. “EMF Practical Guide”

Don’t carry a phone on your person unless in a protective shield or placed in airplane mode.

Take a hydrogen supplement.

Fascinating read “Invisible Rainbow”

EMF Practical Guide

Latest Dr Mercola book – EMF*D

This book goes into detail on how to remediate and protect against EMF from a broad and personal perspective.

Article highlighting “dirty electricity” and its association with disease epidemics.

This book provides well researched historical evidence of illness being linked to major electrical events – The Invisible Rainbow

Zapped – Outsmarting The Hazards of Electronic Pollution

Dirty Electricity

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