Council axe just cuts

Post wood chopping session

Although I specialize in men’s health and training, I am willing to train with anyone that is motivated and disciplined enough to stick with a plan.

My training protocol has evolved (or rather morphed) into a combination Highland Games, Viking training, CrossFit and body building.

I started out in my early college years dabbling in body building and it has come full circle, but and for different reasons these days. Rather than train for vanity or aesthetics, I now train body building methods for survival, longevity and general fitness. For example, I never trained calves until I had hip surgery and came to the realization of my extremely atrophied left calf. In fact, my entire thigh was almost 2 inches smaller!

Body building techniques play an important role in overall fitness and I am a testament to the utility of it.

I like to spend time outdoors for most training sessions. I use kettlebells, logs, stones of all sizes, rings for pull ups, sledge hammers and axes. I am a big fan of MoveNat to keep up with mobility work. I alternate between strength and hypertrophy (hence body building).

My 97# stone

Getting ready to overhead press a stone.

I love the feel of stones and logs and gripping it with chalky hands and lifting them is very satisfying.

Feeling the powerful bite of a well swung axe brings on a primal feeling like no other. The hard labor required to produce something valuable with a hand tool and some wood is happiness.

Shoulder prehab/rehab

My shoulder issues began late in my Army career. I’m not even sure of any single event that first damaged it, and I believe it to be a cumulative injury that became painful enough to cause me to complain and have it treated.

Surgical tubing tied to a door knob and a list of rotator cuff exercises was the prescription from the Army doc. At the time I didn’t realize the wisdom in this and felt it be a bit silly and weak.

Reluctantly, I continued with the rehab protocol and had some fairly good results, allowing me to continue regular duty and my exercise regimen.

Over the ensuing years, I would occasionally tweak my previously injured shoulder. I would go back to the old surgical tubing and/or bungee cords combined with a little rest, and get that thing working with minimal pain once again.

Upon entering my fifties, I noticed a degradation of both shoulders and eventually lost the ability to do pull ups without extreme pain and difficulty.

Enter Crossover Symmetry

Watching Duggan Moran testing out shoulder movements with his new invention in my gym reminded me of my days in the Army and using surgical tubing tied to a door knob. Duggan was a former professional baseball player injured (shoulder) in the line of duty, prompting him to develop the Crossover Symmetry band system.

Duggan invited me to get to know the system and try it out. I felt I had nothing to lose because at that point I was at the peak of my shoulder pain. I immediately noticed better mobility and less pain.

I continued to use this system each time I was in the gym (which was often, since I owned the gym). My shoulder continued to improve and although I had stopped kipping pull ups, I decided that they were not in my best interest and completely switched to strict pull ups, which is what I still do today.

I valued the system so much that I became an ambassador and trainer of the product and continue to recommend it all those that I feel would benefit.

My Linkedin article highlighting the uses of the Crossover Symmetry band system

Check out my affiliate link to Crossover Symmetry and learn what may be the key to your own shoulder rehab program.

Hip prehab and rehab

Read about the details of another one of my comeback stories in my very own ebook titled “How To Prepare for A Hip Replacement”

In my book, I lay out the plan and protocol to take if one is facing a hip replacement. Hip replacement has become a routine procedure, almost as common as hernia surgery (which I have had myself).

I went into the surgery about as well prepared as I could have been and was out of the hospital in less than 30 hours. I have made a complete recovery and feel stronger than ever. The muscle building has been the most difficult.

I am available for in person training or virtual as necessary. So much can be done with the most basic implements of strength and free gravity.

Since the closing of gyms and restrictions on workout facilities, this is the most natural and convenient way to maintain and grow muscles.

Contact me via email or phone for scheduling and pricing.