Confused about all those SFH products at the gym? Here is a brief summary explaining the purposes of each. One may not need all of these, so read on and educate yourself then make your choice(s). Regardless of which variety of protein powder you choose, they all have the same high quality ingredients and can contribute significantly to a healthy nutrition and fitness regime.




The original protein powder. This is probably the most popular as it is just protein and no extras. It does taste great and mixes well with water. This comes from grass fed cows but does have a low lactose content and may not be a problem for those with lactose intolerance issues. This is a highly absorbable 82% protein and is also great for kids. Take a scoop post workout or as a meal supplement. Try not to use as a regular meal replacement but as a supplement to enhance protein intake.


Especially good for older athletes but can be good for all athletes. This is the same whey protein as the Pure but with added compounds especially beneficial for creaky joints. This one should be taken post workout. Recovery contains additional essential amino acids including glucosamine and chondroitin which are well proven and popular joint health amino acids, and creatine for extreme athletics and hot environments. Take Recovery within an hour after working out or before bed to re-energize your body at the cellular level. Recovery also contains CoQ10 which is helps bolster the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Push (Attention 5 am peeps!)

A perfect pre-workout supplement for morning workouts. Take 20-30 minutes prior to working out. Push gives you an extra push as a multi-functional package containing stimulants and a high dosage of critical vitamins C, E, B3, B6, B12.

Stimulants are in the form of a whopping 135 mg of caffeine and 2 grams of beta-alanine. Quercetin enhances the vitamins C and E and helps reduce inflammation from overuse. Also contains BCAA’s and electrolytes for hydration. Any concerns with taking Push in the evenings and it affecting sleep, SFH recommends taking a smaller dose.


MCT’s are derived from coconut oil which also gives it the great taste. MCT’s are a great source of athletic fuel and more efficient that carbs. Fuel contains the same whey protein as all other SFH protein supplements. Fuel also comes with a small amount of complex carbs from apple pectin. Can be used pre-workout or in between supplement. Fuel makes for a healthy snack between meals. I have used this in cooking to make banola and protein pancakes. Exercise caution when first taking Fuel, as the small 1 gram dose of fiber could loosen you up before or during a workout.


Time to add some mass to that frame! Yeah it tastes like coffee but that is only from the natural decaffeinated coffee in the mixture. SFH describes Strong as “an anabolic activator”. That means it grows muscle. This is a serum protein concentrate, which is the protein separated from the milk before making it into cheese. Strong Should be taken post workout to replenish your reserves and cut down on GI distress by being readily absorbed into the muscles. Strong can be taken with other SFH protein products. SFH says combining Strong with Recover will produce a mocha taste. Strong should be taken everyday, including non-training days to stimulate muscle growth.


All SFH whey proteins are in concentrate form (see explanation on my blog) and from 100% grass fed cows. SFH products are the first and only whey protein products sold at CrossFit9. Since I study and practice holistic nutrition, I keep a close eye on the protein supplement market. Prego’s out there, SFH only recommends taking either Pure or Fuel while pregnant.

These products can be purchased at Anytime Fitness downtown St Pete and CrossFit9. For more information, visit the SFH faqs page.

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Note*** Don’t forget to add fish oil to your nutrition program. Unless you are eating fatty cold water fish and grass fed meats and butter regularly you are probably going to be deficient in omega 3’s. SFH fish oil + D3 provides the highest dose of EPA and DHA (both omega 3’s) currently on the market. See a write up here.