“Without regard to weather”

This was a familiar and well-used quote spoken by the cadre during my days in Special Forces selection training.

At the conclusion of each mission statement and safety briefing, the instructor would say “you will conduct this training without regard to weather”. We always knew those words would be repeated and the class would repeat the same words in unison with the instructor. This became a line of humor and lightheartedness that helped us get through the tough times. It also became part of my pathos for training.

Leg Day

Friday is leg day for me. I started devoting at least one workout a week to my legs over a year ago following hip surgery and needed a way to gain back my lost muscle after years of deterioration. I brought back rucking as a way to move under load while bringing in another training option. Rucking in North Carolina is one of the most convenient and beautiful ways to get out in nature and get some exercise and relive my military heritage. I still train for discomfort year around and I will continue for as long as I am able.

The old saying “misery loves company” may be true in some cases. In this case, my usual rucking partners decided to stay in their warm houses and avoid the 33-degree rain. I really can’t blame them but the point I am trying to make here is that we can’t always live in comfort.

Yin and yang

Hot and cold, happy and sad, comfort and discomfort. It works just as in fasting where we can’t be full and satiated all the time. Discomfort promotes appreciation. Never do I savor a meal more than after a long fast and warm and dry home is much more appreciated after coming in out of the cold.

Daily living in our warm and dry cacoon homes causes us to take comfort for granted. Maybe it’s just me, but I love occasional bouts of misery! After being broken for years, I think of walking as a privilege.

Not really a hardship

This stuff really isn’t hard. During a civilized fast, we know that food is just a few hours away and will be right there waiting for us in the kitchen. We know we aren’t going to starve.

Same principle with going outdoors. We know that although we may be cold and wet, relief is just a few steps away. It would be a lot different in a survival situation where one may not know when food and shelter will be available.

Strive to be uncomfortable sometimes

Try leaving your comfort zone once in a while. Be in tune with the seasons and adapt to your environment. There are seasons for a reason. Embrace, appreciate and learn to thrive in them. I have found that learning to love my environment makes for more general happiness, which leads to improved health and vigor.

Venture outdoors under-dressed in the winter. Spend time in direct sunlight during the heat of the day.

I’m not looking forward to the end of winter as this one has been one of the most miserable of all and I have loved every minute of it. When Summer comes back with a vengeance, I will be out there embracing it and enjoying the miserable heat without regard to weather.

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Steven ashton doing dumbbell shrugs

Steven Ashton doing dumbbell shrugs and showing 60-year-old six-pack abs.

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In good health!