Salmon head broth

The makings of fish broth.

 I’m not talking about pseudo meats or vegetarian substitutions. I’m referring to some tasty carnivore treats that some may not even know exist or have some fond memories of.  I do tend to eat mostly animal based because that is what I crave and has always worked well for me.

When I was stationed in the great Northwest I did a lot of salmon fishing. I had a cat and I gave him a very large salmon head. It took him the better part of the day to totally consume that head. I thought it was remarkable.

Eating carnivore is not just about eating meat. To be a successful carnivore one needs to eat the other parts. These may not appear appetizing at first and I admit, liver was an acquired taste for me. Eating “nose to tail” is actually more nutritious and offers additional amino acids not found in good old steak. I am always looking to balance and perfect my nutrition as much as possible while enjoying everything within my domain. Hunting season is a long way off and I’m down to my last venison roast. So far I am able to get grass fed beef and elk to support my family but who knows what may change as the summer progresses.

What is a good carnivore to do? I can easily get my carnivore fix by being a little resourceful and knowing how and where to source things like canned sardines, chicken gizzards and livers, beef heart and liver, braunschweiger, and some homemade pates and my own creation of heartwurst.

I am a co-chair Of the Weston Price foundation for the Raleigh/Durham area and I have made contacts with local farmers. I also maintain a resource list of sources for farm raised meat, eggs, dairy and organic produce. Through these contacts, I have been very fortunate in being able to consistently eat some of the foods I love the most.

Beef heart

cubed beef heart

Lots of ground beef and roasts

Lots of ground beef and roasts

Beef, venison and raw milk are my main staples. I believe these are some of the most nutrient dense foods that taste delicious and provide a solid nutritional foundation.

I love to put together charcuteries of carnivorish variety, including cheeses.

Raw milk cheeses and foreign cheese such as Gouda, Irish cheddar and Greek Feta.  I Try to avoid anything claiming low-fat.

I make my own milk kefir and full-fat plain yogurt. I can easily find braunschweiger, liverwurst, chicken gizzards, hearts and livers as well as canned salmon and sardines. Honorable mention: Spam

Some of these foods may not be ideal or hard to find, but can be the next best thing when looking for alternate protein sources without resorting to beans and rice or god forbid, soy.

quail and duck eggs

Quail and duck eggs cooked in butter.

If you just can’t take eating organ meats (offal) for whatever reason, I recommend taking it in supplement form. Nothing is diminished except for the savory experience of eating. Nutrients are actually concentrated and there is no taste.

I supplement with Ancestral Supplements Grass-fed beef organs in capsule form.

Ancestral Supplements

Get your offal supplements!

Check out their website Ancestral Supplements and geek out on the benefits of taking these amazing supplements. Use my 10% discount code “urbancarnivore”. I am an affiliate and I may receive a small  payment. It is a win-win.


Sliced braunschweiger

Smoked sardines and sauerkraut

Smoked sardines with sauerkraut