I am convinced that people are not meant to be fat and obesity is more of a modern condition caused by consuming too much unhealthy foods while being deficient in micronutrients.

Nutrition is the foundation for health. We are being lied to by the agencies that are supposed to be protecting us. Take responsibility for your own nutrition and do your own research. Don’t rely on the phony gov organizations that are driven by profits and not real truth in nutrition science. It is well documented that US soil has been depleted of minerals since the 1930’s.

Nutrition is now a complicated maze that wasn’t always like that prior to the industrialization of food. Our environment is saturated with toxic chemicals and nutrient depleting modern lifestyles. We can’t really be sure if we are getting the essential vitamins and minerals that the human body needs on a daily basis. Our pre-agriculture ancestors didn’t have to worry about grass fed, low fat, sugar, artificial food addidtive, the list goes on. Back then food was eaten as it was found in nature and all tribes from eskimoes to pacific islanders maintained healthy bodies. Obesity was non-existant.

What Makes for a Healthy Diet?

Dr Mercola simplifies it in four key points:

Primary keys for successful weight loss are:

  1. Severely restricting carbohydrates (refined sugars, fructose, alcohol, and grains) in your diet.
  2. Increasing healthy fat consumption.
  3. Unlimited consumption of non starchy vegetables. Because they are so low calorie, the majority of the food on your plate should be vegetables
  4. Limit the use of protein to less than one half gram per pound of body weight.
  5. Did I mention healthy fat consumption?

Don’t forget about the micronutrients to compensate for the lack of minerals in poor soil. Everyone is deficient unless you live in some remote, super fertile, unpolluted microcosm.

Get the detailed scoop on multi-vitamins and check yours to see how it stacks up.

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