I didn’t eat a lot of Spam growing up, maybe because it was a luxury. Bologna was cheaper so we only had Spam on special occasions.

Ingredients in a can of Spam

Short list of ingredients in a can of Spam Classic

I always say that kids are the toughest customers when it comes to healthy nutrition. Just getting mine to eat protein consistently is often a struggle.
There is a secret ingredient in Spam that if the kids knew about they would probably turn their noses up and refuse to eat it. Notice the jelly that is seemingly slathered all over the juicy chunk of porcine and pink meat. This is actually gelatin, aka collagen. This is the by-product of cooking down animal parts such as tendon, bone and cartilage.
Glycine is one of the harder to obtain amino acids contained in this popular meat.

Spam nutrition facts

Spam nutrition facts

If Spam is good enough to make the WAPF Shopping Guide, then it is good enough for my kids

Spam is listed on the Weston Price Foundation 2020 Shopping Guide with an *, meaning that it is not perfect, it is considered a compromise product and may offer some nutritional benefit to those with limited resources. I’m always looking for compromise food for my kids just to steer them away from the really bad foods. Spam has only 1 gram of sugar and no red dye, so that’s a big plus.

Spam is also very popular in Japan and it is prepared to be a cheap version of sushi. They call it Spam musubi and it is consists of slices of Spam soaked in soy sauce on a bed of rice and wrapped in seaweed. Spam musubi is sold in convenience stores in Hawaii. Did you know there is more Spam sold in Hawaii than in all the other 49 states!

No, I’m not an affiliate or salesperson for this company. I’m just sayin, we have to do the best we can when it comes to feeding kids and this is one semi-healthy source of protein to try. I still think it tastes the best when fried brown and crispy! 🙂