It is commonly known that apple seeds are poisonous. Containing a compound called amygdalin that when chewed mixed with human digestive juices releases the toxin cyanide into the bloodstream. While it may be ok to ingest a few or many seeds, it would take roughly the seeds of 40 apples to cause a toxic reaction. Yes, kind of extreme but imagine if apples were outlawed for 50+ years because of the potentially toxic seeds? Imagine not being able to purchase or grow apples for fear of prosecution. Even though there are many non-toxic parts of the apple, putting a blanket off-limit policy on the apple sounds insane. This may not be the perfect analogy but this is exactly how hemp has been treated since being outlawed in the Controlled Substance Act in 1970. Hemp was used up until that time for many useful products, both medicinal and non-medicinal and actually felt a steep decline as early as 1937, but that is another story.

We have finally come to our senses and since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed off by the President, hemp will become another farm product that will be available to the general public. With the steep decline of tobacco farming, those same farmers can grow and produce a valuable crop that will be helpful to society in many ways, with health and pain relief being at the top of that list.

Although hemp use has been around for millennia, CBD oil was not discovered until the 1940s and since hemp has become legal as a supplement, CBD research and new products are flooding the market. Is CBD Paleo? Maybe not, but neither are vitamins and supplements. These are not foods that we can gather in the wild. Sometimes technology can come to the rescue and improve our quality of life in a natural way. In the case of CBD oil, we are taking a natural plant product and extracting useful compounds using gentle heat and time. Mammals have cannabinoid receptors throughout the body that are part of the endocannabinoid system that is involved in many physiological systems, and CBD compounds can help to regulate these.

I am a long time user of legal CBD tinctures and isolates to assist in the relief of pain caused from degenerative arthritis of my left hip. There have been times of difficulty sleeping and extremely painful walking, and taking CBD supplements have shown much better results than the traditional joint supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin. I have tried almost every natural joint enhancement remedy including eggshell membrane, rooster comb and DMSO. I have had some relief from these but nothing like the immediate effects of CBD tinctures and isolates. I plan to try some balms and creams in the near future. 

It may not grow back cartilage, but it does wonders for pain management and allows me the freedom to walk normal and get a good nights sleep which are both critical aspects to quality of life.

CBD is one of the most researched compounds and new discoveries come out regularly. Most of the early research was done outside of the US among forward-thinking countries.

Getting away from opioids: We have all been aware of the dangers of opioid use but that is another story. The point is, we have to get away from opioids and get on to something helpful and healthful. Professional sports teams (basketball’s Big Three) are realizing the benefits of CBD and transitioning to using it as a regular tool and long-term solution for recovery and injury treatment. Hope, relief and even recovery will be brought to millions in the coming years.

My prediction is that CBD use will be as widespread and mainstream as aspirin use is now within the next 3 years. It is inevitable. How can something that is so successful with no known downside not become popular? It’s only a matter of time as we watch the successes continue to pile up and the benefits of CBD become ingrained in our society. CBD and hemp will no longer be taboo as more and more will be educated on it. No longer will CBD be viewed as an illegal drug but a distinct and legal treatment protocol with no psychoactive or addictive effects.

You don’t have to take my word for it since I am just one holistic nutritionist. I’ll list some references and resources at the bottom of this post to further guide you. CBD may not work for everyone but there is so much promising evidence showing many therapeutic uses for hemp that it is well worth following and I am my own testimonial.

Pub Med is loaded with research findings and here are just a few:

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